What We Do

eCommerce & Payment Processing

Bluewall is a certified reseller for some of the nations largest e-commerce providers. This partnership allows us to offer a broad range of services, competitive rates and fast approval times. Whether you are starting your new business from the ground up, or already have an existing merchant account, Bluewall offers a full range of products to fit your needs.

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We're not just on the web, we are here to meet your in-house and on-the-go payment processing requirements. In-addition, we offer - LOCAL - merchant support on all equipment and payment processing issues. If you're ready for a higher level of merchant services, click above to get your free, no risk, no obligation merchant account comparison today!

Some of our products and services include:
  • Custom Online Shopping Cart Systems
    • Featured Items Display
    • Integrated With Multiple Shipping Methods
    • Discounts System
  • e-Check Processing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • EBT/ SNAP Card Processing
  • In-House Credit Card Swipers
  • POS Terminals
  • POS To Website Integration
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Virtual Terminal for Manual Processing
  • Batch Uploads For Recurring Payments

If you are already processing payments,

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